Extraordinary. Outstanding. Remarkable. These are just some of the of the many ways that this year’s recipients of the President’s Research Excellence Awards have been described.

Established in 2018, these awardsrecognize the research achievements of Dalhousie University faculty members at all stages of their careers. The award for Emerging Investigators recognizes early-career researchers (within seven years of their first academic appointment), while the award for Impact celebrates researchers at any career stage who are having substantial, current impact in their field. 

“Congratulations to all the recipients of the President’s Research Excellence Awards,” says Alice Aiken, vice-president research and innovation. “Dalhousie has a rich history of research excellence, and we are pleased to celebrate such a stellar group of individuals who have helped make us the hub of world-leading research and innovation we are today.”

More information about the President’s Research Excellence awards can be found here.

Emerging Investigator awards

Dr. Zhenyu Cheng (Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Medicine)
Dr. Cheng leads an internationally-recognized laboratory that works on host microbial interactions using cutting-edge technologies that enhance our fundamental understanding of cellular and molecular processes in infectious diseases. His research pioneers the investigation of both bacterial virulence and multiple host responses to P. aeruginosa infections.